Why you should read “A Thousand Wonderful Suns” and what you stand to lose if you don’t

If you are looking for an exciting book about love, friendship, war, and inexplicable twists and turns of fate, “A Thousand Wonderful Suns” by Khaled Hosseini is the best choice.

“A Thousand Wonderful Suns” is a famous book worldwide written by American writer of Afghani origin Khaled Hosseini. This book became a bestseller in 2007, and it still touches peoples’ hearts.


It can be rather shocking in some parts! The novel raises a crazy whirlwind of emotions and after reading you will definitely have many topics to think about. Khaled Hosseini wrote a real masterpiece about the tragic fate of Afghans in the background of their tragic war.

Why to read the book A Thousand Wonderful Suns

The novel is a compelling, vivid and influential story about the ups and downs of two Afghani women Leila and Mariam. Describing their journeys through their lives, the author shows how challenging Muslim women’s existence can sometimes be.

What is “A Thousand Wonderful Suns” about?

Undoubtedly, a thousand splendid suns plot is gripping and intriguing. The book tells about two women who were brought together by fate under one roof with one man. One of them is a “harami”. Mariam is an illegitimate daughter of a nobleman.


Her life was miserable and full of pain. In order to hide and not suffer even greater shame, she was forcibly married to a man. He was three times older than her and lived on the other side of the country. Unfortunately, it is a common and not unique story.

On the contrary, Leila was brought up in a caring and loving family. However, she accidentally ended up in the house of the unloved man. Her story is terrifying even in wartime. Each woman goes through her own difficult path, but in the end, the women become guardian angels for each other in their house, the city, and the whole world.

The novel is so popular that college professors usually recommend it to students. It raises crucial social issues and can be a valuable source for debate.


Besides, students write essays based on this fantastic book. If so, students usually try to find a thousand splendid suns summary online. It is a great way to get inspiration. Do not hesitate to read a thousand splendid suns summary and wait for your muse to visit you.

The Best summary examples help a student understand all the hidden senses expressed by the author. Moreover, if students are busy and do not have enough time to read the whole book, they can briefly go over the summary and get a clue.

A Cyborg Manifest might be your new step

Donna Harraway wrote her outstanding essay “A Cyborg Manifesto” in 1985. She was a writer and a professor in the Feminist Studies Department at the University of California. Her ideas about women in the modern world were progressive and revolutionary in the 80ss. She made a great contribution to feminist theory. Readers can compare to works and see that the topic of women’s position in society is surely urgent in both stories. 


However, a thousand splendid suns book summary says that readers will be impressed by the story itself, the story about the realities of life in wartime, almost documentary fragments (such as the invasion of Soviet troops, the destruction by the Taliban of the world’s largest Buddha statues, the events of September 11, 2001). At the same time, the author’s style is very light, without rush and artificial incitement of emotions. Yet, there is not only and not so much Afghanistan but several intertwined plot stories about love, friendship, and devotion. There are no good or bad characters, but there is a choice that everyone makes and which then determines life.

What will you miss if do not read a thousand splendid suns summary?

Why to read the book A Thousand Wonderful Suns

If you do not read this book, you may continue to live in the illusion that the world has become a safe place for women in the 21st century. Millions of women in Europe, the USA, and other developed countries freely get an education, build a career, and have a happy family life. Everything depends only on their choice. While in contrast, the vast majority of people do not want to give up humiliating traditions in a country like Afghanistan. Power is in the hands of uneducated men. A woman there is not even a nobody, but nothing. 

Anything can happen to her: 

  • moral humiliation;
  • bruises, and wounds because of being hip by fists, feet, or belt buckle; 
  • knocked out teeth. 

They do not have a right to get an education and ironically will not read a thousand splendid suns summary to write a paper. It is forbidden to move around the city without a husband. The burqa, as an indispensable element of clothing, is everywhere! A woman has to wear it even if she is a doctor and operates on another woman in unsanitary conditions. And it is without anesthesia in the only hospital for women in the whole city. A woman is trafficked and despised. She is always to blame for everything.

In this book, you will see a great illustration of how Leila and Mariam support each other in this awful world. They sacrifice, help and overcome difficulties together. They dream together and share priceless seconds and minutes of joy and happiness.


A Thousand Wonderful Suns” is a unique book. Despite war and sorrow, which the main heroines experience, the end of the novel is optimistic. Probably readers would not forgive the author of another ending, even if it would be more natural.

But let there be light at the end of the tunnel, at least in the book. Because currently, Afghanistan still remains, perhaps, the hottest spot on the planet. It is more than 40 years since the country plunged into the bloody whirlpool of war.

People died and were born under the bullets, and a whole generation changed, which does not know what it is like to live without war. To sum up, the book is worth spending a few nights without sleep and enjoying reading.


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