Top 5 Online Courses in Bangladesh for Students and Professionals

Discover the best online courses in Bangladesh for programming, web development, business, design, and more. Achieve your goals with flexible and affordable options.

While the digital age allows us to connect with anyone worldwide, our access extends beyond communication. Access to knowledge and education has also become more accessible than ever before.


Whether you are a professional or a student, you can use online courses to expand your range of skills.

Moreover, it provides the ultimate means of studying at your own pace. If you’re based in Bangladesh, you’re in luck! Multiple online courses are available to you, which cater to your various needs.

Hence, in this article, we have curated a list of the top online courses in Bangladesh. You can learn which ones cater to your profession, highly-rated ones, and informative options. Whether you want to program, edit photos, or dive into information technology, the options below will provide you with the tools and knowledge to succeed. 


Programming and Web Development Online Courses in Bangladesh

Programming and web development are highly sought-after skills in our digital age. The job market is continuously in need of more employees who possess the skills.

One of the main courses that will help you boost your programming and development skills is the Linux Foundation Training course. This option teaches you to work with the operation system and master its command line interface

It is essential to read this Linux Foundation Training review before diving into the program. This course teaches you how to use tools to manage files, directories, and users. You will also gain valuable insight into technology. 


Another practical online course that a student can learn to enhance their career prospects is Full Stack Web Development. This course will enable you to build dynamic and interactive web applications.

Through the skills you pick up, you will work with frameworks and tools such as HTML, CSS< JavaScript, Node.js, and React. Hence, Full Stack Web Development courses provide a comprehensive overview of front-end and back-end web development. Therefore, expect to complete the course within a few months.

Business and Management Online Courses in Bangladesh

If you aim to become an entrepreneur or an employer, then aim to take management online courses in Bangladesh. Below are three popular online classes that you can use to master your business skills.


1. Business Accounting & Taxation Course 

A popular method to gain practical skills in accounting is through the Business Accounting & Taxation (BAT) Course offered by IIMSkills. It is a flexible and extensive online training program.

Professionals in the industry teach you through research and case studies. From accounting principles to inventory and payroll, the knowledge you will gain will provide you with a novel perspective. You will also receive a certificate upon completion, which will be recognized by many famous institutes. 

2. Digital Marketing Course

Regardless of where you are, enhancing your digital marketing skills as someone residing in Bangladesh is essential. The digital advertising market in Bangladesh is expected to grow by 8.11% in the upcoming years.

Hence, it will give you a headstart and work on your digital skills. Consider opting for the Digital Marketing Course offered by CodersTrust. The program covers everything from search engine optimization to Google Analytics. It will push you to learn how to boost your social media presence. Some examples of where you can find free digital marketing courses in Bangladesh include Coursera and Udemy. 

3. Freelancing Bundle Course

It is also worth noting which online freelancing courses in Bangladesh are worth exploring. A freelancing career can be the right choice for you because it provides you with additional flexibility. For instance, if you are still a student, you can study for your exams and work as a freelancer simultaneously. That is because freelancing can be done at any time, anywhere. Consider the Freelancing Bundle offered by 10 Minute School. It will teach you how to create a compelling profile online. Hence, you learn how to put yourself in the international freelancing marketplace. 

Other Courses in Bangladesh for In-Demand Job Positions

According to Bikroy Connect, there are other in-demand jobs. Aside from digital marketing and full-stack development, event planning and interior design are high on the list. 

1. Event Planning Courses

As individuals get busier, people start opting for the help of professionals to organize events. Hence, event planning is an emerging profession. It demands communication, creativity, and negotiation skills.

Therefore, people will seek your services to create outstanding events. Such services encompass everything from inception to planning, making it a sought-after position in Bangladesh. Hence, refer to Oxford Home Study Center for various event management options.

2. Interior Design Courses

Consider interior design if you are aiming for a more creative yet in-demand profession. Instead of having to read through essays and books, you will get more hands-on experience. As the industry focuses on creativity, online courses can help you enhance your design skills at your own pace.

Moreover, seeking an interior design online course or degree is more cost-effective than studying on campus. The National Institute of Design in Dhaka offers two different interior design courses to explore. 


The bottom line is that online learning has transformed education in Bangladesh. It made many resources more accessible and affordable. Instead of forcing people to travel abroad or to different cities to study, they can now learn by accessing courses online.

With the many options available, from programming to design classes, everyone can find something to learn. If you are living in Bangladesh, consider the above courses. They will push you to learn skills that will open more job opportunities.

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