Seven Considerable Benefits of Self-Publishing Your Children’s Book

Discover the advantages of self-publishing your children’s book! Unleash creative freedom, control timelines, and explore 7 key benefits that empower your storytelling journey.

The writing journey can be a different experience for every writer. It is a long journey that is nothing less than a roller coaster ride filled with amazing feelings of accomplishment and downfalls of self-doubt. While everything may feel challenging, one of the things to be happy about is that you can self-publish your book.


Self-publishing has opened doors of opportunity for everyone, especially children’s book writers. After all, children’s book writers cannot rush their work. Self-publishing allows them to work at their own pace, along with several other benefits. 

Are you still unsure about these benefits? Here are just a few that can convince you to self-publish your children’s book.

1. Save Your Time

Whenever a writer thinks about publishing their children’s book, one of the first things they consider is how much time it will take. After all, they want to see their hard work and dedication to reach the hands of the reader as soon as possible.


Unfortunately, traditional methods of publication can take a lot of time due to factors such as editing, fact-checking, and much more. The best alternative is to look into how to self-publish a children’s book from reliable resources.

Self-publishing gives you complete control of your work and takes all big and small decisions. You can decide when your book is sent out to the world. Hence, you can make your book accessible to the readers in the shortest time possible.

2. Control the Creativity

Writing a children’s book may look like a fun activity. However, any children’s book can agree that it can become a taxing job. After all, writing a children’s book can take a lot of time and energy because it requires you to work on your imagination and creativity.


Once you are done with your children’s book, only you can understand the hard work you have done for it. Unfortunately, traditional publishing may not have a lot of regard for your hard work and attachment to the book. The editor and proofreaders may alter your children’s book beyond recognition. 

On the contrary, you can have complete control of your book. You are the sole decision-maker during all the processes of publication, such as the typography, cover art, illustrations, and much more. You can also hire professional help from editors, book cover designers, and other professionals you feel comfortable working with.

3. Secure More Royalty

From illustrations to text, every children’s book writer can agree that they spend their time and energy to lead their children’s book to completion. It is fair without a doubt that all writers deserve the best percentages from the royalties.


The writers who publish their work with traditional publishing houses can agree that they have to settle for a low percentage of royalties from their book sales. It can be disappointing, and you may never feel satisfied with the benefit you get from publishing your children’s book.

Meanwhile, the authors who self-publish do not have to worry about negotiating for their own work. They understand that they are entitled to any profit or loss made from the children’s book. Many children’s books can make up to 90% of their royalties.

4. Choose the Right Price

The worth of a children’s book cannot be understood better than anyone else but its writer. After all, they are the ones who spend weeks and months leading it to perfection. Sadly, there are many other parties that have a say in setting the price of your children’s book during traditional publishing.

It is one of many reasons why children’s book writers are more inclined towards self-publishing their children’s books. Self-publishing gives you the complete rights to publish your book the way you want and set the price you think it deserves.

Self-publishing gives the author full rights to their work so that they can set a book’s retail price. However, it is important not to set the prices too high. The best way to set a price for your book is by keeping your target audience in mind.

5. Avoid Rejection 

If you are a novice children’s book writer, many people may tell you that it is okay to make mistakes and that they are a great opportunity to learn. Of course, there is no lie in that statement. However, too many rejections in your children’s book publishing journey can decrease morale.

It is fair to say that rejection is not always the best thing. After all, who would not avoid rejection if possible?

Every writer has faced rejection at some point in their life and can understand that it can take a toll on their motivation and passion. The truth is that many writers, especially novice writers, face a lot of rejection in the traditional publishing process.

If you think rejection can get to you easily, it is better to go with self-publishing. You can skip the submission and selection process with self-publishing. 

6. Target Your Audience 

Whether you are self-publishing or going with the traditional publishing option, every children’s book writer understands the importance of targeting the right audience. After all, there is not just one age group or cultural background that can make one book good for all.

Once you understand your target audience, you can benefit from it for years to come. Of course, this information helps you understand the expectations of your audience. As a self-publisher, you can learn a lot more working independently. 

7. Build Your Brand

Every children’s book writer understands the importance of building their brand. Regardless of the genre that you choose for your book, every writer understands that the competition is tough. You need more than good writing skills to stand out.

Traditionally, published writers can usually build a brand based on the performance of their previous work; self-publishers have nothing to wait for. You can build your brand as a children’s book right away. After all, it is your best opportunity for you to build an authentic relationship with them. This process can be time-consuming, but in the end, it’s all worth it.


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