List of Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in Bangladesh

In this post, I’m going to share a list of top 10 life insurance companies in Bangladesh like Alico Bangladesh life insurance policy, Sandhani life insurance company ltd, Delta Life Insurance Company, Meghna life insurance…

In this post, I’m going to share a list of top 10 life insurance companies in Bangladesh like Alico Bangladesh life insurance policy, Sandhani life insurance company ltd, Delta Life Insurance Company, Meghna life insurance company ltd, etc and with their plan products.


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Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in Bangladesh

Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in Bangladesh

American life insurance company 

American life insurance company has established itself in the field of insurance as a dependable company in the whole world.

The reputation that they have enriched mostly because of the policy and offer they have made from time to time. They are the leading firm in the insurance industry keeping the highest market share.


Available Products:

  • Three Payment Plan
  • CIROP Super
  • Income Growth Plan
  • DPS Super
  • Takaful DPS
  • Education Protection Plan
  • LifeLine

Contact Details: website-, Call- 16344

Jiban Bima Corporation 

Jiban Bima Corporation is the state-run life insurance provider in Bangladesh under the terms of the Insurance act and related other laws enforceable in Bangladesh Corporation act.

Since its beginning, Jiban Bima Corporation is working among the people of Bangladesh with two basic intentions. Firstly, to cover the risks and increase savings habits among the people and secondly, generate funds for the country’s economic development through innovative life insurance plans.


Available Products:

  • whole life assurance 
  • endowment assurance 
  • child protection policy 
  • children endowment 
  • anticipated endowment assurance 
  • pension scheme policy 
  • single payment policy 
  • mortgage protection policy 
  • group term insurance policy 
  • group endowment policy 
  • group variable endowment policy 
  • group pension policy 
  • Grameen bima policy 
  • joint life endowment policy 
  • progressive premium policy

Contact Details: website-  cell: 9554161

National Life Insurance Company Ltd 

The age of privatized insurance started in Bangladesh with the establishment of a National Life Insurance Company. The company has grown & developed massively over a period of about 28 years.

It has three visions. Encourage & induce saving of the high or mid-income population and particularly of the low income & marginal group. To create & provide employment opportunities for the illiterate, half-literate, literate youth of the country. Capital formation at the national level for investment to develop dynamism at macro-economy.


Available Products:

  • Akok Bima 
  • Group Insurance
  • Islami Takaful
  • Janabima
  • NPDI

Contact Details: Cell: 58151089

Delta Life Insurance Co Ltd 

Delta life insurance co ltd emerged when the government permitted the operation of the insurance business in the private sector in the mid-1980s.

The avowed mission of the company was to bring the benefits of insurance to the home of the masses and to build it as a safe and profitable means of investment.

In line with the above, Delta Life began to its activities and has been able to gain the trust and confidence of hundreds and thousands of people.

Available Products:

  • Ordinary Life Insurance
  • Gono Grameen Bima
  • Group Life Insurance 
  • Health Insurance 
  • Overseas Mediclaim Policy

Contact Details:  Cell: 9565033

Popular Life Insurance Co Ltd 

Popular Life Insurance Company Ltd is a leading and pre-eminent life insurance company in the country’s insurance sector having all kinds of profitable life insurance products and co-operation.

It is a third-generation life insurance company that was authorized by a group of renowned and concerned business entrepreneurs of the country.

The company has built a leading Position in County’s insurance sector by paying the highest interest to his shareholders and maximum policy bonuses to his policyholders since the beginning.

Available Products:

  • Hajj Bima Plan 
  • Assurance cum Pension and Medical Benefit plan 
  • DPS 
  • Child-Protection-Assurance-Plan 
  • Double Payment Single Premium Policy 
  • Education Expense Assurance Plan 
  • Child-Scholarship-Assurance-Plan 
  • Endowment Assurance Plan 
  • Five-Payment-Endowment-Assurance-Plan 
  • Mohorana-Bima-Plan 
  • Money-Back-Term-Assurance-Plan 
  • Single-Payment-Endowment-Assurance-Plan 
  • Three-Payment-Endowment-Assurance-Plan

Contact Details: Cell:9577534-38

Shandhani Life Insurance Co Ltd 

Sandhani life insurance co ltd is one of the preeminent Life Insurance Company in Bangladesh.

They provide Life Insurance coverage in the remote area as well as within all the people of the country.

To be a responsible service provider, Sandhani life insurance co ltd maintains the quality, also enhancing the growth rate by maximizing the Return on Investment.

Available Products:

  • Akok Bima 
  • Takaful
  • Micro Insurance
  • Group Bima 
  • Health Bima 
  • Brochures

Contact Details:

Meghna Life Insurance Co Ltd 

The main object of Meghna Life was to provide maximum financial protection to a person and families by providing modern Insurance facilities.

Its other intentions are to turn it into a profitable savings institution through the payment of bonuses at a handsome rate and enhanced servicing and invest the accumulated small savings in the nation-building different welfare and profitable projects.

Currently, it provides various Life Insurance commodities to cater to the aspirations & needs as well as religious beliefs to the clients.

Available Products:

  • Akok Bima 
  • Islami Bima 
  • Loko Bima 
  • PROBASHI Bima 
  • Group Insurence
  • Supplimentary Insurance

Contact Details: Cell: 09613-440 440

Takaful Islami Insurance Ltd 

Takaful Islami Insurance Limited is one of the leading insurance Corporations doing insurance business on the foundation of Islamic Shariah in the private sector.

They have received quite a good reputation in the insurance business as one of the leading service providing Companies.

Available Products:

  • Fire Insurance
  • Motor Insurance
  • Engineering Insurance

Contact Details:  Cell: 9570928-30

Pragati Insurance Co Ltd 

PRAGATI INSURANCE LIMITED is a leading private non-life insurance company in Bangladesh.

It was established in 1986 by a group of Bangladeshi businesspeople who had earlier lanced a Commercial Bank in the private sector also.

The company offers a perfect range of general insurance products and services in motor, marine, energy, property and casualty, health, accident, and responsibility areas.

Available Products:

  • Fire Insurance 
  • Motor Insurance
  • Health and Accident Insurance 
  • Marine Insurance
  • All Risks Insurance
  • Aviation Insurance
  • Miscellaneouse Insurance
  • Our Re-Insurers

Contact Details: Cell: +88-02-9133680-2

Padma Life Insurance Co Ltd 

Vision of this company, to become the best private Life Insurance Company in Bangladesh and South-East Asia within managing a high degree of honesty, responsibility, and transparency.

The avowed mission of the company is to build a dynamic, sound and professional control team. Conduct business in a responsible manner. Generate innovative products. Improve good governance. Faster Quality Management System.

Available Products:

  • Akok Bima
  • Group Insurance
  • Micro Insurance

Contact Details: Cell: 88-02-48311809


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