Paragraph on Global Warming in English

Dear students here is a short paragraph on global warming for class 9-10 and HSC level students. In the examination, you may find a question to write a paragraph on global warming and its impact. So…

Dear students here is a short paragraph on global warming for class 9-10 and HSC level students. In the examination, you may find a question to write a paragraph on global warming and its impact. So let’s learn about it.


Global Warming Paragraph for Class 7 in 100 Words

Global warming has become a major threat to mankind. The Earth’s temperature is increasing day by day because of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, burning of fossil fuels and deforestation.

An increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) leads to a substantial increase in temperature. Because of human activities like the burning of fossil fuel for electricity generation, transportation, and heating, the smoke of mills and factories have contributed to the increase in carbon dioxide. This layer of CO2 is like a blanket covering the earth. Thus CO2 increases global warming.

The increase in carbon dioxide actually began in 1800 due to deforestation. The situation became worse after the industrial revolution causing the emission of carbon dioxide at high levels. Now global warming has been a matter of great concern.


Global Warming Paragraph for Class 9-10 in 150 Words

After reading the paragraph, you can answer the following questions.

  • What is global warming?
  • What are the causes of it?
  • How does it affect our environment?
  • What are the effects on animal life?
  • What should we do in this regard?

Global Warming

Global warming means increasing the temperature around the earth. Now it is considered to be one of the great problems in the world. In recent years, we have found some alarming reports that provide evidence that the world temperature is increasing day by day. There are many reasons for this problem. Firstly, increasing carbon dioxide around the world is responsible. Secondly, deforestation is also responsible for that. Thirdly, the greenhouse effect causes global warming. There are many bad impacts of global warming. Global warming is the main reason for climate change. This could reduce mankind’s ability to grow food, destroy wildlife and wilderness, raise sea levels and thereby flood coastal areas and farmlands. It may cause frequent natural calamities. As a result of the rise of the sea level, the southern part of Bangladesh may go underwater one day. The destruction of forests is causing the extinction of various plants and animals. To stop global warming we should plant trees in large numbers and preserve the forests. Tree plantation can only prevent global warming.

Paragraph on Global Warming for HSC in 250 Words

Causes and Effects of Global Warming

Global Warming refers to the increase in temperature around the earth. It is now considered the most serious problem on earth because it is creating so many problems.


In recent years, many alarming reports say that the world’s climate is undergoing a significant change. All these reports provide a strong sign that the world’s temperatures are increasing day by day.

There are some reasons for global warming. Firstly, global warming is mainly caused by carbon dioxide around the earth. Most climatologists believe that the greenhouse effect is an important cause of global warming. When greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane cover the earth with a layer, the heat of the sun is trapped inside the layer. Thus the earth begins to get warmer. This is the gradual warming of the air as well as the earth.

Secondly, this warming is also caused by deforestation, traffic clogs, jams, and the rapid growth of the industry.


Thirdly, the use of chlorofluorocarbons in packaging and manufacturing commercial products intensifies global temperatures.

However, the main culprits for global warming are carbon dioxide gas (CO2) produced by the burning of fossil fuels and forests and pollutants such as methane and chlorofluorocarbons.

Climatologists predict that temperatures may have risen by 4 degrees C through the next century. Carbon dioxide is increasing day by day and is a threat to our environment. If deforestation continues, coastal lands will go underwater very soon.

We should immediately take necessary measures for tree plantation and minimize emitting carbon dioxide gas. We should save the wild animals to save our existence.



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