5 Free Grammar Checkers to Improve English Writing Skills

Here is 5 free grammar checkers online that will help you improve your English writing skills.

English is one of the most widely spoken languages all over the world. In fact, a large part of the internet exists primarily in English. It makes sense for people to try and learn English so they can communicate more efficiently. For that reason, people can try and use content optimization tools such as grammar checkers to learn how to write better.


Grammar checkers are tools that can detect grammatical mistakes in a piece of text. This is useful for writing as even the best writers unknowingly make spelling or punctuation errors.

Let us check out five free grammar-checking tools to improve English writing skills.

Five Free Grammar Checkers

1. Prepostseo

Grammar checker by Prepostseo is a free tool that can detect and correct any grammatical mistakes found in your paragraph.

Prepostseo online grammar checker

To find and fix the errors you need to upload a file from your local storage or just type/paste your content into the text box.
Then you need to click on the “Check Grammar” button and after a few seconds of processing your provided text will be highlighted in two colors.

  • Pink– highlights show spelling mistakes in the text.
  • Yellow– highlights show the punctuation and tense mistakes in the text.

To correct the mistakes, you have to click on the highlights and select the correction from the pop-up menu.

Once you are done correcting everything, you can copy the text and save it on a file on your device.


This tool does not require registration, hence it’s accessible to all users of the internet. It also supports multiple languages so writers of other languages can use it as well.

2. Linguix

Linguix is an online tool that is a grammar checker and paraphraser. Both of these functionalities are integrated into one interface.

Free Grammar Checker to Improve English Writing Skills

Just like Prepostseo, it has a pretty minimalistic user interface and similarly, it also lends itself to ease of use.


The method of using this tool is quite simple, there are no button presses or captchas involved. All you need to do is to paste or type in your content in the input field. Once you have finished writing the tool automatically detects all grammatical mistakes and underlines them with thick red lines.

To correct those mistakes, you just need to hover over them, and a pop-up will suggest the correct word. Simply click on the pop-up to apply the correction.

There is one small drawback to using this tool. You cannot check more than five sentences if you have not registered. After registration, you can check very large articles and drafts. So, useful features being locked behind a condition is kind of bad.

3. Microsoft Online

Microsoft is a household name and its word processing software is one of the most useful tools available in the world. Microsoft has developed a free tool that lets you check the grammar of your content.

Free Grammar Checkers to Improve English Writing Skills

Unfortunately, this tool does not let you check an unlimited amount of content. You are limited to just being able to check 1,000 characters only. This is a very small amount and as such, this tool cannot be used for checking large manuscripts.

Moving on to how you can use this tool, Microsoft lives up to its reputation for making great UIs. There is a large white text box in which you can type or paste your content. Just like Linguix, all mistakes are automatically underlined.

You can correct each mistake one by one or just press the “Apply All” button. To manually correct each mistake, hover over the underlined area and left-click. This will open a pop-up menu that contains suggested corrections. Click on any suggestion that you want to apply.

4. Virtual Writing Tutor

Virtual Writing Tutor is an online platform that provides various tools and services geared towards teaching its users English. One of these tools is the grammar checker.
This tool is very easy to use and can be accessed even without an account. It works a bit differently from other tools on this list.

Free Grammar Checkers

Previously, every tool we mentioned, would highlight or underline the mistakes, and clicking on them would open a pop-up with the correct variants.

This tool does not work like that. Instead of showing a pop-up, very detailed explanations start showing up below the text box. Each mistake is addressed in this section.

All entries have four things listed:

  1. What “You” wrote.
  2. Feedback
  3. Error type
  4. Suggestion

The feedback tells you what the mistake is, such as a spelling mistake or punctuation mistake. The error type tells whether it was a typo or commonly confused words. And finally, suggestions tell you what the correct entry should have been.

This kind of feedback is very important in learning and that gives this tool a lot of brownie points.

You have to manually apply those changes yourself, but if your objective is to learn, this is possibly one of the best free tools available.

5. Sapling.ai

Saplig.ai is a grammar-checking tool that is available for free. This tool has a simple but effective user interface that makes it easy to use.

Free Grammar Checkers to Improve English Writing Skills

Moving on to the actual grammar checking capabilities…. this tool does not disappoint. You can type or paste your content into the text editor and any grammar mistake is automatically underlined in red.
This checking goes on in real-time and as soon as you input the text the mistakes will be highlighted.
You can correct the mistakes by clicking on them and selecting the correction from the pop-up menu.
With that easy process, you can correct all the mistakes, and then with a single click, you can copy the corrected content and move it to your hard drive.


These were five of the best free grammar checking tools that can help a person improve their English.

All these tools had great grammar checking capabilities and with the exception of Linguix, all of them could be used without an account.

These tools had minimalistic UIs which made them very easy to use. And the choices of primary colors used for underlining and highlighting mistakes made them easy to spot.

Using these tools, you can check your content for grammatical mistakes and correct them while simultaneously improving your own English skills.

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