Articles Exercises with Answers (Part 1)

Dear students, I hope you are doing well with your studies. I will be sharing an Articles Worksheet with Answers. You can practice your article skills with this. Advertisement You can download these article exercises with…

Dear students, I hope you are doing well with your studies. I will be sharing an Articles Worksheet with Answers. You can practice your article skills with this.


You can download these article exercises with answers in pdf versions for offline reading.

You may want to learn 7 rules for using articles in English correctly. or learn in Bengali Articles Rules Bangla

Articles Exercises with Answers

Use article where necessary. Put a cross (x) where an article is not needed.


Articles Exercises with Answers (1-10)

1. Truthfulness is (a) – greatest of all (b) — virtues that make (c) – person really great. If you cultivate (d) — habit of speaking (e) — truth, you cannot command (f) — confidence of others. The man whom nobody believes can never be famous in life. It may be that we may succeed once or twice by telling (g) — lie but it never brings about (h) -good results. A lie never lies hidden. Today or tomorrow it comes to light. Then (i) — real character of (j) — liar is revealed and nobody believes him. Everybody hates him and also speak ill of him at the back.

2. Long ago there was (a) – emperor in (b) — China. He increased (c) — taxes very severely. The people of (d) — country were very unhappy and could not afford with (e) — food to eat or tea to drink. They were in (f) — uncomfortable state. But nobody dared to complain to (g) — emperor. One day (h) — wise man was walking with the emperor in the garden of (i) – place. There were dark clouds in (j) – sky.

3. (a) — True friend is (b) — asset to us. He stands by us in (c) – time of danger. He is obviously not (d) — selfish person. He always wishes for (e) — welfare of us. But it is (f) — matter of great regrets that such (g) — ideal friend is very rare nowadays. Many (h) — person may behave like (i) — friends but (j) — few of them might be genuine.


4. There are various noble (a) – qualities which distinguish a good man from a bad man, (b) — aggregate of these qualities of (c) — head and heart constitutes character. A man of character is (d) – real prince among men. He is (e) — beacon light of the grouping humanity and its (f) — surest guide. Such (g) — man is one of the moral forces of the world and morality finds (h) — expression through his words and deeds. Blessed is the nation that possesses (i) — few such men that (j) – country depends most for its all around prosperity.

5. English is (a) – international language. We feel (b) — necessity of learning English at every step. This is (c) – only language of international overseas business, communication, co-operation and (d) – co-existence. It is essential to receive (e) — foreign degree or higher education. All (f) – good jobs need English knowing persons. So every educated man should know how (g) – communicate in English. To learn and develop (h) — skill of English especially for (i) — students is very important .No (j) – student should be ignorant of it.

6. Akbar (a) – Great was one of (b) — greatest emperors of India who ruled this subcontinent for more than 50 years. He was on one side a great ruler and on the other side a man of (c) — wisdom. Among all (d) — Mughal rulers he was (e) – best. As a result his name has been written in the page of (f) — history. Though he was (g) — uneducated person he had (h) – ability to rule (i) — kingdom like (j) — expert ruler.


7. (a) – Cricket is (b) – foreign game in our country. But it is (c) — international game. After winning (d) — ICC Trophy in (e) — Malaysia in 1996 it has become more popular than football in our country. By defeating (f) — Kenya Bangladesh got (g) — first victory in (h) — ODI cricket in 1998. Bangladesh got the taste of winning (i) — test match in January, 2005 defeating (j) — Zimbabwe.

8. A student must take care of his (a) — health because (b) — sound mind lives in (c) — sound body. Good health is (d) — key to success. In order to enjoy good health, (e) — student must observe (f) — rules of health. (g) — unhealthy man may be (h) — possessor of vast (i) — wealth; but he leads (j) –unhappy life.

9. (a) — Discipline is seen in (b) — nature. Every morning (c) — sun rises in (d) — east, day follows (e) — night, birds sing and (f) — plants blossom. Everywhere in (g) — nature, there is (h) — harmony. If There were no discipline in (i) — nature, there would have been (j) — chaos everywhere.

10. Though patriotism is (a) — universal human trait, it is often torn away by (b) — state her. (c) — poor people of (d) — poor country become indifferent to their state affairs and lose (e) — sense of patriotism. Such people would have become as patriotic as (f) — Simon Bolivar or (g) — Abraham Lincoln if they had a caring government or leader who would make their lives a bit easier. (h) — people of (i) — wealthy country simply love their country because the state provides them with everything like shelter, education, job and (j) — security.

Test Your Skills on Article: Articles Test for Beginners


1. a) the b) the c) a d) the e) the f) the g) a h) a i) the j) the

2. a) an b) X c) X d) the e) X f) an g) the h) a i) the j) the

3. a) A b) an c) the d) a e) the f) a g) an h) a i) X j) a

4. a) X b) the c) X d) a e) the f) the g) a h) an i) a j) a

5. a) an b) the c) the d) X e) a f) the g) a h) an i) a j) a

6. a) The b) the c) X d) the e) the f) X g) an h) an i) the j) an

7. a) X b) a c) an d) the e) X f) X g) the h) X i) a j) X

8. a) X b) a c) a d) the e) a f) the g) An h) the i) X j) an

9. a) A b) X c) the d) the e) X f) X g) X h) a i) X j) a

10. a) a b) the c) The d) a e) the f) X g) X h) The i) a j) X

Articles Exercises with Answers (11-20)

11. One day I met (a) — lame man. After talking for a while he showed me (b) — identity card. Seeing (c) — identity card I came to know that he was (d) – university student. After completing his (e) — study he joined (f) – army. During the Liberation War he fought (g) — bravely against (h) –occupied army of the then. West Pakistan. But it is (i) — irony of fate that a bullet of (j) – enemies hit on his leg. Thus he lost his leg.

12. A library is (a) — part and parcel of (b) — educational institution. It is (c) — unique place where books of different subjects are kept for (d) – reading. It enables (e) – readers to read books of their choice that create (f) — enthusiasm for learning. Students should pay (g) — visit to (h) — library regularly. They can borrow books for (i) — certain period and return them after them after (j) — given time.

13. Money cannot buy happiness. Frankly speaking money is (b) — must for our life. But it is not (c) — necessary to bring our happiness. Happiness is absolutely (d) — psychological thing. It is (e) – name of (f) – feeling. It means the contentment of (g) – mind. He who is satisfied with what he gets and contents with his life is (h) – really a happy man. Happiness cannot be purchased with (i) — money. No doubt, money has got something to do with (j) — happiness but it cannot give us happiness.

14. Patriotism is a noble (a) — virtue. It inspires (b) — man to shed last drop of blood to defend the freedom of his (c) — country. (d) — Man without patriotism is no better than (e) – beast. A true patriot is honored by (f) – all. He thinks for (g) — welfare of his country. On (h) – other hand (i) – unpatriotic man thinks only of his own interest. Those who die for (j) – country are true patriot.

15. Our life is (a) — sum total of ours days and years. But all days are not equally memorable to us. Most of (b) – days are forgotten with (c) — passage of time. Only (d) – few of these days ever fresh in our memory. My (e) — first day at school is such (f) — day. It is fresh in my mind even now. When I was (g) — boy of six, my father proposed that I should be admitted into (h) – school in (i) — class 1 felt (j) — joy and fear.

16. Unemployment is (a) — great social evil. All (b) — able-bodied persons in a society should be engaged in any occupation. (c) — unemployment man has to lead a vagabond life. Life becomes (d) — curse and burden to him. He has (e) — idle’s brain which very soon becomes (f) — devil’s workshop. There are many reasons of (g) — unemployment in our country. Bangladesh is not (h) — industrialized country. The mills and factories that we have, can give employment to (i) – limited number of people. Similar is the case with (j) — agriculture.

17. Punctuality is of great value to (a) – student. (b) – Unpunctual boy who is late in (c) — class will miss (d) – part of his lesson and fall (e) – behind other students. But (f) — punctual student will learn his lesson in (g) – time and do well in (h) – examination. Punctuality is (i) – key to success in life. We all should be (j) – punctual in our activities.

18. Dowry means property or money brought by a bride to her (a) — husband. During marriage ceremony (b) — section of greedy people claim much wealth or money from (c) — guardians of the brides. (d) – Poor illiterate girls become (e) — victims of dowry. If (f) — guardians fail to fulfill (g) — demand of (h) – bridegroom, the brides are maltreated. So, the poor cannot think of marriage of their daughters. It is (i) — social curse. This can be eliminated by changing the outlook of the people specially the male (j) — members.

19. Journey is always (a) – pleasure to me. Whenever I go on a journey my heart leaps with (b) — joy. But (c) – journey by boat gives me (d) — greatest pleasure. Since Bangladesh is a land of (e) – rivers, it is (f) — easy matter to make (g) — journey by boat. Whenever I get (h) – opportunity to make (i) — journey by boat. I make (j) – best use of the opportunity.

20. It was (a) — dark night. A blind man was walking along (b) — road with (c) – lamp in his hand. Two men laughed at (d) — blind man. One said, “What’s (e) — use of (f) – lamp to a blind man?” The other called him (g) — fool. The blind man heard this and said, “It’s for those who’re (h) — careless.”What (i) — surprise,” said (j) — others.

Answers 11 to 20

11. a)a, b) an, c) the, d) a, e) X, f) the, g) X, h) the, i) an, j) X
12. a)a, b) an, c) a, d) X, e) the, f) an, g) a, h) the, i) a, j) the
13. a)a, b) X, c) a, d) X, e) the, f) a, g) X, h) X, i) X, j) X
14. a)X, b) a, c) X, d) A, e) a, f) X, g) the, h) the, i) an, j) the
15. a)a, b) the, c) the, d) a, e) X, f) a, g) a, h) X, i) X, j) X


Articles Exercises with Answers (21-30)

21. Unfair means in the examination is (a) —— offence. It degrades (b) —— standard of education. If The students of (c) ——country do not acquire true (d) —— education, there will be no development for (e) —— country. (f) —— examinee should read seriously so that he can cut (g) —— good figure in the examination. To acquire true education should be the only aim in life of all (h) —— students.(i) —— educated man cannot support (j) —— unfair means in the examination at all.

22. (a) — Ant is (b) — industrious insect. No other insect is as industrious as (c) — ant. If we open (d) — pages of history, we shall see that (e) — men who have become great were (f) — industrious. (g) — industrious are liked by all. On (h) — other hand (i) — idle are hated by all. So industry is (j) — must to prosper in life.

23. (a) — Bangladesh is (b) — land of six seasons. Of all (c) — seasons I like (d) — spring is most. It is called (e) — queen of seasons. It comprises (f) — Bengali months of (g) — Falgoon and Chaitra. After (h) — end of (i) — winter it comes with all its beauty and (j) -charms. 54. Use article where necessary. Put a cross (x) where an article is not needed.(a) – Student must take care of his health because (b) — sound mind lives in (c) -sound body. Good health is the key to (d) –. In order to enjoy (e) — good health (f ) – student must observe (g) — rules of health (h) — unhealthy man may be (i) — processors of vast wealth but he leads an unhappy (j) -life.

24. Industry is the key to (a) — success in life. The ant is (b) — industrious insect. No other insect is as (c) — industrious as the ant. If we turn over (d) — pages of history, we will see that (e0 — men who have become great were (f)– industrious. (g) — industrious are liked by all. On (h) — other hand (i) — idle are hated by all. So, industry is (j) — must to prosper in life.

25. (a) – Student must take care of his health because (b) — sound mind lives in (c) -sound body. Good health is the key to (d) –. In order to enjoy (e) — good health (f ) – student must observe (g) — rules of health (h) — unhealthy man may be (i) — processors of vast wealth but he leads an unhappy (j) -life.

26. Mr. John is (a) — European. As he is (b) — Englishman, he knows (c) –English well. He is (d) – honourable to everyone through he is (e) –one-eyed man. One day having (f) — so he went to (g) — USA. His brother Jim living there, joined (h) –army 1st year. He is (i) –younger of the two brothers. When Mr. John met his brother, he could not but shed (j) — tears.

27. Today Bangladesh faces (a) — number of (b) — problems. Of all these problems (c) — population problem is (d) –most acute. Population is no doubt (e) — great asset of (f) –country but when (g) — country fails to feed and provide these with (h) — suitable (i) — jobs they become (j) — burden.

28. Everybody knows that industry is (a) — key to success. (b) — person can prosper in life by doing hard work. The man who does not follow (c) — rules of sincerity and never go (d) — long way (e) — world . Many (f) — man is not conscious (g) — importance of (h) — it. For which they don’t have (i) — benefit of (j) — success.

29. Man has no escape from (a) – death. Sooner or later he will die. He dies in (b) — wars. Many die of diseases and many die by accident. Again (c) — some die from something excessive but those who die for (d) — country is martyrs. Many modern weapons can kill (e) — man in (f) — moment. Things have been discovered to keep (g) — dead body alive for long. So, (h) — man is called mortal. It is (i) — meaningless effort (j) — man tries to escape from death.

30. Life is full of (a) — unfavourable circumstances. (b) — great men in (c) — world bravely faced (d) — adverse situations. There situations bring out (e) — man’s talent qualities. (f) — man in such circumstances learns many virtues like fortitude and bravery. Only (g) — brave men can conquer (h) -obstacles of life. (i) — adverse situation have glorified (j) —


22. a) An b) an c) an d) the e) the f) X g) The h) the i) the j) the









31. (a) — morning walk is good for all. It is (b) — simple exercise and good for health n and (c) — mentally. In the morning (d) — air is fresh and free from any kind of noise and pollution. This pure air (e) — makes an active effect on (f) — walker’s health and mind, when (g) — man enjoys (h) — beauties and solemnity of (i) — nature in (j) — morning.

32. Mecca is an ancient (a) – city. (b) — first mosque of (c) – world was built there. Hazrat Ibrahim built it. It is known as (d) — Kaaba mosque. Many days have passed away. Suddenly a hole was found in (e) – wall. Today people all over (f) — world go to Mecca, they spend m a busy (g) – time there. They forget the activities of this (h) – world. The Muslim of (i) — whole world gather there and perform (j) — Hajj.

33. Globalization is (a) — buzzword now. (b) — countries of (c) — world are now considered as (d) — neighbours of (e) — village. (f) — Globalization creates (g) — borderless market. But it has many (h) — harmful effects. It makes (i) — rich (j) — richer.

34. English is spoken as (a) — first language by over 300 million people and used as (b) — means of communication by (c) — many more worldwide . Actually (d) — English language is combination of the words of many languages. This is because (e) — English dominated many territories. In the ninth and (f) – tenth centuries, (g) — invaders occupied a large part of (h) — eastern England. When Britain was conquered by the Normans. (i) – French got the status of the language of the ruling classes. Later on (J) – Greek entered into this language to a great extent.

35. Self-control is at (a) — root of all virtues. Let a man give rein to his impulses and passions and from that moment he yields up his moral freedom. He is carried along 9b) — current of life , and becomes (c) — slave of his strongest desire for (d) — time being. To be morally free, to be more than (e) — animal man can be able to resist (f) — interactive impulse and this by (g) — exercise of self control. This is the power which constitutes (h) — real distinction between physical and moral life.(i) — stronger man is he who , by discipline , exercises(j) — constant control over his thoughts , his speech and his acts.

36. Everybody knows that sincerity is (a) – key to success. (b) – person can prosper in life by doing hard work. The man who does not follow (c) — rules of sincerity can never go (d) — long way in (e) — world. Many (f) – man is not conscious of (g) — importance of (h) — sincerity for which they don’t have (i) — benefit of (j) — success. However, we should be sincere to our work.

37. Population explosion is (a) — constant threat to our environment and existence especially in Bangladesh. (b) — Population is growing at such c — high rate that (d) — environment may soon fail to supply (e) — people with their minimum (f) — necessities. Unless we take (g) — immediate step to stop this rapid growth of population, our (h) — environment will once encounter unpredictable difficulty and (i) — danger, consequently, (j) — inhabitants may experience destruction.

38. (a) — sultan wanted to find out (b) — honest man to collect taxes in his kingdom. He invited applications and a number of people applied for (c) — job. (d) — Sultan was unable to chose the right person. So he asked for (e) — advice of a wise counselor.

39. As Mr. Patrick is (a) — European. As he is (b) — honorary (c) — English teacher, he knows (d) — English well. One day having (e) – SOS, he went to (f) — USA. His brother Milton living there joined (g) — army last year. He is (h) — younger of the two. Patrick decided to visit (i) — world Trade Centre there. It was (j) — unique opportunity for him.

40. Once (a) – school boy named (b) — Ahsanullah was going home after completing his class. When he was crossing the road he saw (c) — old woman lying on the road. She was (d) — senseless and it was impossible for her to cross (e) – road. People come and pass but no one looks at her. The boy felt (f) — strong sense of sympathy for her. He rushed to (g) — lying helpless woman and somehow managed to rescue her from (h) — accident. The boy also helped her to go her residence. Last but not (i) — least, the woman prayed to the almighty for (j) — his betterment.

Answers 31 to 40

33. a) a, b) The, c) the, d) x, e) a, f) x, g) a, h) x, i) the, j) x


41. Bangladesh is (a) –land of rivers. There is hardly any country in (b) — world which has so many rivers. They provide us (c) – lot of fishes all (d) — year round. Fishing plays (e) — vital role in our national economy and helps us in (f) — various way. About half (g) — million people of our country are engaged in (h) — fishing and earn their livelihood by catching and selling fishes. It helps us to go (i) — long way to solve (j) — unemployment problem of our country.

42. There lived a poor (a) — man named Rabby. He was (b) — honest. He would look after a large mango garden(c) — owner of the garden was a rich man. During (d) — summer season, some of his friends paid (e) — visit to his home. It was (f) — time when mangoes ripe. The owner told (g) — caretaker to pick up some ripe mangoes. So the caretaker picked up some of the ripe (h) — mangoes. He gave them to (i) — guests to taste. The guests tasted (j) — mangoes but they tasted sour.

43. (a) — moon awakens in our hearts (b) — feeling (c) — of love and tenderness. (d) — moon has finished (e) — they use for poets and artists ever since (f) — stirring of (g) – poetic faculty in men (h) – soft and silvery brightness of the moon which (i) – waves her to charm us is borrowed wholly from (j) — light of the sun.

41. Begging is not at all (a) — employment. It is (b) — charity of (c) — others. It does not give anything good to (d) — society. It does not develop (e) — man’s ability or will to be self-reliant. It makes (f) — man devoid of any sense of self-respect. Those who live by begging cannot claim any dignity in g) — society, it is regarded as slur (j) — curse to the society. It is (j) – most disgraceful disreputable means of living.

43. May Day is (a) – international holiday of the working class. May Day has been (b) – symbol for the workers all over (c) — world. It teaches us to establish an exploitation free (d) — society. The day reminds us of (e) — sacrifice made by (f) — workers of the city of Chicago. It is (g) — unforgettable event in the history. In our country the day is not (h) — isolated matter. It has assumed (i) — special significance in our country. (j) — unity is also noticed among the working day.

44. Every woman is (a) – potential mother. (b) — future of a child depends on how it is brought up. In this case (c) — educated mother plays (d) — important role. So, (e) -difference between the educated and (f) — uneducated mother can never be denied. An educated mother can bring a child up better than (g) — illiterate mother. A good wife means an educated woman. She is the best friend to her (h) – husband. Her words will go (i) — long way leave (j) — indelible impression on her husband.

45. Tea is (a) — refreshing drink. The preparation of tea however is a long but (b) — interesting process. (c) — water is first boiled in ( d) — kettle and (e) — desired quantity (f) — tea is put in it . After (g) — few minutes (h) — boiled leaves are separated from (i) — liquor is poured into (j) — cup and some milk and sugar are mixed with it.

46. (a) — idle man and (b) — active man cannot be equal. We know (c) — story of (d) — ant and (e) — grasshopper. (f) — ant was industrious. On the other hand, the grasshopper was really(g) — lazy. The ant knew that (h) — industrious shine. On (i) — contrary, (j) — lazy suffers in life.

47. Kamal is (a) — SSC examinee. He has been suffering from (b) — fever for about a week. He wants to see (c) – experienced doctor. He has heard much about (d) — reputation of Mr. Shahin who is (e) — FRCS. He is one of (f) — best doctors in our country. He had his degree from (g) – UK. So, Kamal made (h) — appointment. On (i) — appointed day, he reached (j) — doctor’s chamber.

48. Man is (a) — social being. He is (b) — member of the society. He has (c) — freedom of choice thought and expression. But everybody should consider that he is not (d) — only person in society. There are many persons in (e) — society and they have (f) — same rights and one expects from one’s society . So to form (g) — peaceful society one should be watchful to see that other’s rights are not harmed. Every citizen must cultivate (h) — habit of obeying (i) — rules and regulations of (j) — society.

49. Good manners form (a) — important part of our education. Our education remains incomplete if we do not learn good manners. In our behavior with (b) – other, we must show proper respect to hem. We should have (c) – sense of property in our conduct. It is necessary for (d) — cultural and disciplined society. Again, good manners cost us (e) — nothing, they are often (f) – result of good sense and good nature. The importance of good manners in life is great (g) — indeed. Everyone likes (h) – man of good manners and is glad to help him. Really this kind of man is (i) — gentleman in the true sense of (j) – term.

50. Sincerity is (a) — great virtue. A sincere man works prosperity and get (b) — desired result. (c) — rich work sincerity and succeed in making (d) — anything a success. (e)– great people are also sincere to their work.. They know (f) — importance of sincerity. As (g) – poor are insincere to their duties , they always lag behind and suffer only to perform a task property is not (h) — sincerity . Thy people of our (i) — country are not aware of its importance . So they should be aware of (j) — importance of sincerity.

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